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Fairtex FS3 Curved Kick Shield

The Fairtex FS3 Curved Kick Shield is versatile and compact when compared to kick shields of other Thai brands. The FS3 kick pad uses durable Syntek Leather. It features a high density foam core for maximum shock absorbency.

The FS3 Kick Shield boasts Fairtex’s famous kick pads holder system : handles that are suitable for right- and left-handed trainers. This system allows trainers to comfortably hold pads for extended training sessions. There is an additional handle at the top of the pad, making this kick shield ideal for low kick training, as well.

The durable, lightweight design also features ventilation holes throughout the shield. These holes do not have metal eyelets, limiting the potential for injury or scraping, while still allowing air to release from pad with heavy strikes.

The FS3 Kick Shield measures 42cm x 63cm. It is sold as a single item


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