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     Looking at a Far Mountain
     Progessive Aikido The Essential Elements
     Sword and Brush:The spirit of the martial Arts
     The Art of Aikido
     The Essence of Aikido
     The Heart of Kendo
     The Hidden Roots Of Aikido
     The Philosophy of Aikido
     The Principles of Aikido
     The Secrets of Aikido
     The Spirit of Aikido
     This is Kendo:The art of Japanese fencing
     Total Aikido: The master course
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The Heart of Kendo

By Darrell Max Craig. Here is a comprehensive and accessible introduction to kendo, the Japanese "Way of the Sword', the anicent martial art that originated in the samurai tradition. Kendo is a way of life shaped by the discipline that produces preseverance, alertness, concentration and introspeciton.

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